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Letter from the Director of Golf




2023 is off to a fast start.  I say this in regards to many things and that includes the green speeds.  I wish there was more we could do in that area.  I too have had a couple of four-putts this winter.  Until Mother Nature starts providing us with some warm nights, though, we will continue to see slick surfaces.  Bermuda will not come out of dormancy until the ground temperatures get to the mid-sixties.  We are close.  I estimate by the middle of April we should see active growth on the greens and the corresponding speeds start to get back to the real world.


As we get into the meat of the season, we have a very aggressive schedule planned for 2023.  First, beginning in April, we will be converting the sand bunker on #7 green to a grass bunker.  The intention is to bring the grass bunker edge closer to the green’s edge, while also lifting the floor of the bunker so it is not quite as deep.  The tee-facing bunker edge will also be lowered dramatically so that you can see into the bunker from the tee box.  The resulting shadows should provide an aesthetically daunting look to the hole.


Another project involves the right side of #8 fairway.  We will be removing as many surface roots as possible without endangering the health of the trees.  Additionally, we will be re-purposing soil from other areas of the course to cover other roots and create and shape the ride side of the fairway to have more of a banking effect that turns the hole both physically and aesthetically.  Once done, we will add an irrigation head and grass it.  This economical project should help the playability of the hole substantially. 


We will also do a similar project on #16 fairway.  We will be adding an irrigation head to the right of the large tree in the landing area.  Again, we will re-purpose some soil to cover tree roots and level the area around the large tree.  We will then grass it and basically create a fairway on both sides of the large tree.


Finally, we are scheduled to renovate the bathrooms on the course.  The plan is to start with the bathroom at #15 tee.  This is the worst of the two and requires much more work.  The majority of this work is to the exterior.  We will, however, be replacing some of the inside fixtures as well.  If we do not run into any hidden surprises, we will move on to the bathroom at #3 tee.  The work here is less structural and more cosmetic.  Again, while most of the work is to the exterior, the most pressing interior needs will also be corrected.  While the bathroom project is underway, we will have portable toilets on site.  As the cliché goes, biological needs wait for no renovation.


We have a great deal on our plate for this year.  Because of that, I ask for your patience and cooperation while we work to better the course.  We will do our best to limit any downtime of holes or interference to your rounds.  For those few times we do, though, please extend us grace.  We believe the finished product will increase your enjoyment of the course.


Have a great season everyone.


Jeff Wilson

Director of Golf / Finance 

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